Between 1996 and 2013, I taught thousands of college students how to write for the university. But I also taught all types of prose, poetry, memoir, creative non-fiction, journalism and fiction. My teaching spanned all levels of the university, from entry-level classes to students in the graduate school. I have in addition worked with many PhD candidates, helping them to improve their doctoral dissertations.


I cater to all types of writers. 

My classes were always in great demand. Students know me to be a hard-driving teacher who really cares-- a writing mentor who will challenge, but will also work closely with students, leading the way through the toughest writing assignments. Under my direction, students have flourished as writers, and many have published their work.  It is always my goal to see students succeed. My job is to teach the tricks of strong writing and to demonstrate to students how to shape their writing for whatever audience the student desires.


Georgetown University

During a sabbatical in 2009, I taught a humanities seminar to two classes of freshmen at Georgetown. Meanwhile, I taught a class in Georgetown's Graduate School of Journalism that I called "Journalism Upside Down." The class, which included many students working in Washington, D.C. media outlets, explored the way in which social media were revolutionizing the industry of journalism, squeezing traditional newspapers and magazines out of business.