WRITE TO SEE AND SEE TO WRITE: I am developing a special class that works specifically on the interface between poetry or fiction (or non-fiction) and visual imagery. How does one media inspire the other? How do we paint what we write? How does visual imagery inspire us to generate narrative?

To see my paintings, please consult my website at claudiariccipaintings.squarespace.com.

JOURNAL TO THE SELF: I am fully accredited to teach this workshop, developed to promote healing through journal therapy. The Center for Journal Therapy, which has since 1985 promoted healing through journal writing, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

WRITING YOURSELF IN THE INK OF YOGA: Working with a yoga studio in Manchester Center, Vermont, I am developing a class that will combine yoga postures and breathing with stream of consciousness and free form writing. What kind of narrative results when you get deep into your psyche? How can this writing be harnessed in expand and enhance the way we write?  

Please get in touch if you are interested in one of these classes.